Contact & locations

AikiContact: Aikido, Mindfulness, ACT & Psychosocial Therapy
Carolina van Haperen, trainer, coach & psychosocial therapist

Skype: aikiskype
Tel.: 0031 – (0)6 – 13 69 28 08
Kamer van Koophandel nr: 34341284
Affiliated with VMBN, LVPW,  RBCZ & SCAG, with AGB-code
Affiliated with Evolutionary Aikido Community


Individual sessions location:
several address in Amsterdam-OW (Helmersbuurt)


Locations Mindfulness training for groups:
Reade, Overtoom 283, 1054HW Amsterdam-OW. (This location is wheelchair-friendly)
New location in Amstelveen will follow asap


Location Mindfulness4Kids:
Als tussentijdse schoolactiviteit van Leonardo da Vincischool in Amsterdam
Voor Middenbouwgroep: ‘t Claverhuis, Elandsgracht, Amsterdam


Location Aikido training adults:
Jan van der Heijdenhuis, theaterhall, Tweede Jan van der Heijdenstraat 75-77, 1074XR Amsterdam-South
Vondelpark (Sundays)


All facebook pages with inspiration & information:
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Integral Aikido Amsterdam –
Mindfulness4Kids & AikiKids –
Mindfulness for adolescents –
Mindfulness for elderly –