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Aikido Summer Intensive in Montreux, Switzerland, August 5-10, 2019

5 augustus - 10 augustus

Our first EAC Summer Intensive August 5-10, 2019 in beautiful Montreux Switzerland, with a group of talented instructors from the EAC (Evolutionary Aikido Community). Aikido Summer Camp Montreux 2019 - Integral Aikido Amsterdam instructor Carolina van Haperen,5th Dan

Led by Patrick Cassidy 6th dan, the week will include training every day from 6.30h ending at 21.30h. Starting in the morning with weapons class next to Lake Léman in Montreux, Switzerland, followed by time for a swim, and later meditation in the dojo and breakfast shared with all of the participants. Aikido classes throughout the day, with a final Aikido class at 18.30h and finishing the day with a yoga class and deep relaxation. During the week, classes will include one session of Aiki Combat Improv.

Along with Patrick and Dave Goldberg 6th Dan, we have all of these great instructors, Durward Burrell 5th dan, Carolina Van Haperen 5th dan, Andrew Haight 4th dan, Ray Butcher 4th dan, Marco Rubato 4th dan, Peter Fankhauser 4th dan, Julia Geissberger 4th dan, Mitchy Ogata 3rd dan, Jo Theys 3rd dan, Antony Martinez 2nd dan.

Our week will end with a full day seminar on Saturday, August 10th, with a barbeque next to the lake at sunset.

Come and join us for a week of Aikido, Contemplation, Relaxation, great food and wonderful company.

Spaces limited to 40 participants, so register early!
People registering for the whole intensive will receive priority.

Location: Aikido Montreux, Rue de la Corsaz 11, 1820 Montreux, Switzerland

whole intensive (5 breakfasts included) 350 CHF
whole intensive (lodging at the dojo w/ breakfast) 400 CHF
Sat seminar only 80 CHF
One day training 50 CHF
One class 20 CHF

To register send us an email
If you want to know more about the Evolutionary Aikido Community you can visit our website

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My introduction and participation note towards this seminar week:

“Aikido contains a vision that supports our growth in different ways on different levels. Every time we practice it gives us the opportunity to connect body, mind, heart and soul. We each possess the ability to tune inward to notice what our urge to grow, heal and connect is. We start where we are; therefore we need to see first what is here in our being.

Aikido is for me a path of authenticity. From the start my interest was to discover and connect with my true self (Self). This helps me to return again and again to the place of ‘home’ within myself. There is something that calls, even in times when I feel I am in the midst of turbulance and conflict. It is a life force that can not be denied. To awaken to this force, and to allow ourselves to be humble and vulnerable, helps us to see the other person with compassion and care. With true interest we want to connect and discover the potential of harmony and unity. In all of this our mind function is to support; it has the potential to discriminate and reflect,  in service of the body,heart and soul.
As an aikido instructor I hope to help and guide some one to find their true path. It is an honour to explore together, respecting the place where a person is in their interest. I am always curious what brings one to the aikido mat, every time. This is a question I ask myself too. And sometimes there is no mental answer, which is fine. If there is no direction forward there is at least something right now to connect with, and to start from.

This Summer we will be together with a lot of people from all over the world. Regardless of our backgrounds we seem to want to come together, and that is a wonderful thing to look forward to. It definitely makes me curious and excited to me you all.
With gratitude,
Carolina van Haperen”


Aikido Montreux
Rue de la Corsaz 11
Montreux, 1820 Zwitserland
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