Tips, vids, foto’s

Aikido historie: foto’s van de grondlegger Moirhei Ueshiba:
Aikido History: photo’s of the founder Moirhei Ueshiba:

young oseinsei osensei-in-action-3 O_sensei_2 artofaikido_img_02 2005-10-11  2004-05-06 morihei-ueshiba-aikikai-1969

Aikido Video’s, youtube canal

Integral Aikido Amsterdam  Kumi Jo Aikido Weapon taking Bukiwaza Henka Waza Integral Aikido Amsterdam

Foto’s vanuit onze dojo-activiteiten:
Photo’s of some of our dojo-activities:

Greg en George Seminar Patrick Cassidy June 2011 Integrale Aikido Amsterdam Machiel & Adriana Integrale Aikido Amsterdam Carolina & Mitchy june 2011 IAA detail AikiContact Integral Aikido Amsterdam Integral Aikido stretching

17-18 februari 2018, Aikido Seminar in Dortmund (Dld)
Thema: van Kihon naar Ki No Nagare. (Van statisch naar bewegende training)


6 november 2017: Speciale les met Patrick Cassidy, 6e Dan in onze dojo Integrale Aikido Amsterdam.
Met het thema ‘Being in Movement’.

Summer Aiki Intensive, augustus 2016 in Montreux (Aikido Montreux dojo):

Montreux3   Compilation Montreux 2016

guidelines & Q


Summer Aiki Intensive, augustus 2017 in Montreux (Aikido Montreux dojo):


Some of the Integral Aikido Amsterdam Promo clips:

Aikido & Mindfulness coming together – in a 24 hour Aikido Challenge

On June 27/28, 2020, TAE organised a 24 hour Aikido Challenge.
I had the privilege to offer an online Aikido class of 45 minutes to people around the world.
In this class I gave a peak into Aikido practice with Mindfulness application.
Mindfulness is a fundament for so many things in life; a way to become aware and awake.